Detel Aurand

Berlin – New York
February 2015

The collaboration between the two artists Detel Aurand and Isabelle Dyckerhoff on their mail art project “PAPER PROUD”was first realized in 2013 in a daily exchange between Berlin and Munich. It continued between Berlin and New York in February 2015 with “Paper Proud #2” and a third part followed between Berlin and Reykjavík in June 2015.

“PAPER PROUD” is based on the idea of communication in art while living in the different cities.  During one month each artist worked on title pages of the main newspaper from the city where they were living and mailed it to the other city, where the other artist completed the work on the respective page.There are as many pages as days of the month.

            on view for Berlin Art Week@ CRUBA Berlin

Paper Proud #2