Artist book: In der Stille rasender Winde / In the Silence of Rushing Winds

Detel Aurand’s artist book In the Silence of Rushing Winds combines works from the past five years with descriptions of her dreams.The artist’s dreams are so naturally interwoven with her visual work that the border between real and imaginary space—if it ever existed—seems to dissolve completely.In this way, her dreams are intimately connected to her visual language, perhaps even providing the foundation for her artistic oeuvre, which always contains a spiritual component, transcending the visual world to encompass so much more.
(Shortened version of the cover text from Katharina Wendler.)

Hrg./Ed.: Galerie Parterre
Concept: Detel Aurand
Graphic Design: Louise Borinski
Text: Detel Aurand
96 pages | 51 illustrations | Schweizer Broschur/Swiss Brochure
190 mm x 260 mm
Edition: 700
ISBN 978-3-943244-63-2 (German/English)
25 €

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c/o Berlin Bookshop, Hardenbergstr. 22 -24
Hopscotchreadingroom Berlin, Kurfürstenstr.14
Walter König Bookshop Berlin, Burgst.7
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Artist book: We are here

We Are here, explores beginning and end, inhale and exhale, black and white, young and old and everything in between – ties, often imperceptible to the human eye. The book brings together artistic works created over the past twenty years, photos from the artist’s personal collection, and an autobiographical text about the Love between Aurand and her partner Jón Sigurgeirsson, between Iceland and Berlin. As hinted by the title, We are Here deals with our perception of time. Are we able to see into the now? What is visible, what stays hidden? It is an intimate and equally universal work about the simultaneity of all things and about how ostensible boundaries and borders dissolve when we encounter timeless beauty.

Concept: Detel Aurand
Graphic Design: Detel Aurand, Katharina Fiedler
Publisher: MMKoehn
Text: Detel Aurand
164 Pages | 94 illustrations
190 mm x 260 mm
Edition: 750
ISBN 978-3-944903-47-7 (German/English)
36 €

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Publication: Linien ziehen – Ausschau halten / Draw Lines – Keep an Eye Out

download PDF Linien ziehen Ausschau halten_Detel Aurand
Hrg./Ed.: Goldrausch Künsterinnenprojekt, Berlin
Text: Marie T. Martin, Detel Aurand
Graphic Design: Rimini Berlin
20 pages, offset print


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